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Article Generator is an online marketing tool that allows you to publish articles on the internet by just creating a website. With this product you do not have to buy any software or anything else you simply log into your account, add content, add a title and add a keyword phrase and you are done.

Article generator is a very simple machine to operate. It is simple to install, it is easy to set up and it is easy to use on all devices. The product works with Google AdWords as well as Yahoo, the software comes with several templates to choose from.


Once you have added content to the product, simply login and choose the template and set up the AdWords or Yahoo ads. The generator will automatically start generating articles for you. You can then upload the articles to your own site or website. This product is completely mobile friendly, so you can use this on your tablet or smartphone to create articles for free.


The article generator will allow you to put content in between keywords that is keyword rich. You need to include the keyword phrase within the article itself and in the description. Once you have completed the article, you need to ensure you have submitted it to the appropriate directories. If you submit an article that has broken links or expired links it could result in loss of advertising revenue.


If you are looking to promote a website then you will require the keywords to be placed within the article or keyword rich content. You can either use your keywords throughout the content or you can place them at the end. The key is to ensure your keywords and ad phrases are found within the article as well as in the description. The more times you use the keyword within the article then the more chances of your keyword appearing within the search engines.


The article generator is a one-stop shop that allows you to add articles, add keywords and even add ads. Once the articles have been published they are instantly available on the internet.


This product has been created by experts who have taken the guesswork out of this procedure. The articles are written by an algorithmically trained system which will ensure you get high quality articles that are relevant to the topic. and you do not get penalised for using poor articles.


The articles are written in a way that the search engines can understand and thus the more articles you submit to the article generator the higher in the ranks you will appear in the search engines. As these articles will be on different directories then the search engines will see the relevance of the article in relation to the article and they will rank you accordingly.


When searching for the keywords to insert into your articles you will get many different suggestions from the search engines. If you do not understand which one is best then you can use the “keyword tool” provided with the product. Once you have entered the correct keywords, you will be asked to select all the links, images and titles that are relevant to the keywords.


The articles will then be ready to publish and published in the directory that has the highest ranking in the search engines. You can use these to boost your ranking in the search engines. by ensuring that they are keyword rich and provide relevant and high quality articles.


All the articles you submit will be listed in all the directories. The directories also use these directories to help them to index their webpages. thus allowing them to rank higher in the search engines. This gives you more exposure for your website.


The article generator also enables you to save time, money and effort by creating high quality articles. This will not only increase your website ranking but it will help to improve your online reputation.